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those jeans are clinging on for dear life and it’s annoying the shit out of me;so much hip going on;like shit another inch or so and the base would be on show son;you can’t be pulling this kind of stuff;you just can’t;

Those pants and Chris’s button up shirts need to form a support group for abused clothing.

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Winter Soldier/Bucky cosplay.

Winter Soldier/Bucky by Evgenia a.k.a. mercury. (A-Twins a.k.a. близняхи)
Photo by awesome Jiyouh:
Assistant - Vasya Vzdroihev: 
Victim by miss Fleming a.k.a.

I don’t even go here and I love this. Especially whatever’s going on with the sole her shoe in that last pic.

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Okay, I gotta ask something. In PR when Hannibal pulls off his glasses and says “I tried it once. ONCE.” and shows Newt his eye, I always assumed that he was talking about that he tried drifting with a Kaiju once and it messed up his eye. But when I read the book, it explains that he was actually talking about being in a public refuge once. So he lost his eye somehow then?

Just wondered what everyone else’s thoughts on this are. It’s something I always think about when I watch PR.

Nope - I thought he meant he’d tried drifting with a kaiju, too. Narrative-wise it just made sense to me….?

My boyfriend told me that he meant going to a public shelter, and I said nah, no way. Then I read the novelization. Weird.

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when people tell you to stop complaining and ‘be the change you want to see in the world’ it’s just a bullshit way of telling you to go scream to the giant wall that is the industry and the institutions all by yourself because they sure as hell won’t help you

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